How many species of grass are there?



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    Welcome to agrostology! (That’s the science of grass classification for all you non-grassy types.)

    Grasses and Grassland Ecology, a cracking good book on the topic from Oxford University press, says that “systematic groups within the family [of Poaceae or Gramineae] are still in a state of flux, but 7,500 to 11,000 species are recognized depending on the authority.”

    (*Sigh* as is frequently the case, you should ignore Wikipedia, which cites as a reference a book that’s 38 years old. Our source here was printed in 2009.)

    Grasses and Grassland Ecology is pretty pricy even on Amazon or as an ebook, but Oxford University graciously allowed a huge portion of it to be in Google Books. If you want to be an expert in grasses — fast — this is where to start. Wow!

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    There are 10,000 species of grasses called poaceae or gramineae.

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