How many species of flying snake are there?



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    There is about 5 species of the flying snakes today. They live in india to indonesian archipelago. The 5 known species are: golden tree snake, paradise tree snake, twin-barried tree snake, moluccan flying snake and sri lanka flying snake. Golden tree snake is the largest species of flying snakes, reaching up to 4 feet high. The paradise tree snake reaches up to 3 feet and it popular in the European pet trade. Twin-barred tree snake is the smallest flying snake species, they reach up to 2 feet high. Moluccan flying snake grows up to 3 feet in length and the Sri Lankan flying snake grows up to 3-4 feet.

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    Flying snakes do not actually fly — they glide. They flatten themselves and form a “c” shape in order to glide through the air. There are 5 species of flying snakes, which include the twin-barred tree snake and the paradise tree snake. These 5 species inhabit western India to Indonesia. 

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