How many species of eagle are there in the world?



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    There are 59 species of eagle in the world. They belong to the Accipitridae family, which also includes hawks, kites, and old-world vultures. Eagles can be divided up into four groups according to physical characteristics and behavior. These groups include fish/sea, booted/true, snake/serpent, and giant forest. Harpy eagles, which are the largest eagles in the world, are giant forest eagles that can be found in Central and South American rainforests.

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    There are about 59 species of eagles in the world. These birds can be found on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. The species can be divided into four different subcategories: (1) fish/sea eagles: the North American bald eagle is part of this classification (2) booted/true eagles: includes the golden eagle (3)snake/serpent eagles and (4) giant forest eagles.

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