How many solar panels make up Germany’s largest solar farm?



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    EDIT: The Strasskirchen Solar Park is actually slightly larger than the Lieberose Energy Park.  It generates 54 MW but only uses 270,000 photovoltaic modules.  It also powers 15,000 homes.

    (The Lieberose Photovoltaic Energy Park is Germany’s second largest solar farm, and it contains 700,000 solar panels.  It can generate 53 MW, and is the third largest in the world.  It currently powers 15,000 households.)

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    Finsterwalde is, as of November 2010, the largest Photovoltaic plant in the world. Installed on a 95 hectacre former mining site in Finsterwalde, Germany and consisting of 180,000 crystalline solar modules generating about 80.7 MWp. It was developed by Q-Cells and LDK Solar.

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    The recently-completed Finsterwalde Solar Park is the largest solar farm in Germany. Strasskirchen used to be the largest with about 225,000 solar modules, but since Finsterwalde’s completion in November of 2010, it is now only second. Situated in the city of Finsterwalde (Brandenburg), the park is composed of three interconnected plants called Finsterwalde I, Finsterwalde II, and (you guessed it) Finsterwalde III. Information in English on Finsterwalde is spotty, but I can tell you that the third Finsterwalde has 180,000 crystalline solar modules. The total output of all three is about 80.7 MWp. 

    Here’s a neat picture of Finsterwalde.

    Finsterwalde Solar Park

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