How many shoes do Americans buy every year?



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    Americans consumed 2.393 billion pairs of shoes in 2007.

  2. jet
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    According to, Americans bought 2.39 billion pairs in 2007. On average, every American buys 8 pairs of shoes a year. 

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    I’m agog – 8 pair ? I might buy a paievytwwoyeas and stillhave shoos from oI still wear ocassionally – admittadly I only wear them as ‘dress’ shoes. ie for special occasions only.

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    they wear 8-pair

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    Americans consume a huge amount of shoes and most of the time they do not consider where the shoes are coming from. It’s insane how much Americans are willing to pay for a pair of shoes and it’s even worse when they refuse to recycle the old pairs so that others less fortunate can benefit. It’s a huge market.

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