How many shoes are recycled to make nike grind?



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    So far Nike has collected over 24 million shoes since 1990 to repurpose into athletic surfaces. Below are some numbers from Nike on how many shoes it takes to make each type of surface:

    Outdoor basketball court (midsole foam): 2,500 pairs
    Outdoor tennis court (midsole foam): 2,500 pairs
    Full field or soccer pitch (outsole rubber): 50,000-75,000 pairs
    Mini soccer field (outsole rubber): 10,000-20,000 pairs
    Running track (outsole rubber): 75,000 pairs
    Playground (outsole rubber): 2,500 pairs
    Indoor wood basketball court (upper fabric): 2,500 pairs
    Indoor synthetic basketball court (midsole foam): 2,500 pairs

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