How many sharks a year are killed for food?



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    The numbers that exist on this came from a research team that spent four years (1996-2000) conducting interviews with Asian fish traders and examining shark parts in fish markets.  The team estimated that during the years they conducted their research between 26 and 78 million sharks were killed yearly, mostly for the meat of the fin.  They claim their best estimate to be 38 million but say its truly hard to say considering shark fishermen also sometimes just cut off the fin and throw the rest of the shark back in the water.  

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    It is estimated that 100 million (11,000 per hour) sharks are killed annually by humans.  To be clear, that isn’t just for the purpose of food, as americalibre sais, some are thrown back in after their fin has been cut off.  Sometimes fisherman catch sharks, intending to catch other fish, and they become injured from the fishing lines and later die (after being thrown back in the water).  

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