How many sharks are killed each year from fining?



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    Experts have predicted that 38 million sharks are killed ANNUALLY for their fins.  I was pretty shocked at this, and shocked at the waste of this practice.  They are catching and killing sharks for one piece of their anatomy, this is like rhino or elephant poaching for their ivory.  We need to take a valuable lesson from our native American ancestors and utilize the whole kill, like they did with buffalo (almost every part of the animal was used for various uses).  If we are killing other living and breathing animals (keeping in mind we are mere animals ourselves), they need to be treated with respect and valued, not caught-chopped-and tossed.

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    I have heard estimates of 100,000,000 sharks killed annually for their fins.

    Some estimates say that 200,000,000 are killed by humans in total each year. Reasons include finning, by-catch, sport, “shark hunting for human safety”, shark meat, beach shark nets, etc.

    Just imagine how many sharks there would in our oceans be if this horrific practice was banned.

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