How many shark attacks happen in the United States every year?



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    Although the numbers suggest that shark attacks are increasing here in the US there are an average of 16 or so shark attacks per year and an average of only 1-2 fatal ones every few years.

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    In 2010 there were 36 shark attacks within U.S. waters.  This was deemed a 25% rise from the year before.    In 2005 National Geographic  had reported that the U.S. average was at that time 16 attacks per year, but this number was expected to rise as more and more people spent time in coastal waters.  

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    Like amercialibre said, there were 36 attacks in the U.S. in 2010.  That same year there were 79 attacks worldwide (Austrailia coming in with the second most attacks at 14). Of these 79 attacks, 51% of the victims were surfers.  Florida had the most attacks out of any other state with 13.

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