How many seeds are in one pumpkin?



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    Its hard to accurately determine how many seeds are in a specific pumpkin without counting them individually, there are methods that can be used to determine a rough estimate (although, pumpkins generally contain 100 to 700 seeds). In pepo-type pumpkins you can count the fruiting sections and then multiply by 16, this might not work for all types of pumpkins though. But if you are hoping to find the exact number of seeds in your pumpkin than have fun counting!

     Pepo Pumpkins


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    There’s no surefire way to determine exactly how many seeds pumpkins contain without counting them by hand. Pumpkins generally contain between 100 and 700 seeds but the largest pumpkins don’t necessarily contain the greatest number of seeds. One way to get an estimate of the number of seeds in pepo-type pumpkins is to multiple the number of fruiting sections on the pumpkin by 16, although the resulting figure is only a rough estimation of the actual seed count. This method isn’t reliable for other types of pumpkins.


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    Well, several varieties of pumpkin exists. There are whose large-fruit- small-seed varieties, large-fruit-medium-seed varieties, small-fruit-small seed varieties and large-fruit-large-seed varieties. These factors make it difficult to actually determine the number of seeds in a given pumpkin without counting them.

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