How many salmon get eaten in America each year?



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    Between 200-2004 Americans Consumed an average of 284,000 metric tons of salmon annually. Of this, about a 1/3 was wild and 2/3 farmed. These numbers are further divided between domestic and imported, Atlantic and Pacific, and frozen and canned. It seems the most popular choice is imported fresh, farmed, Atlantic salmon. While the least popular is non-imported, frozen, wild Pacific salmon.

    From a 2007 study titled “The Great Salmon Run. Competition between wild and farmed salmon. This exhaustive report, complied by Gunner Knapp, a professor of economics at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

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    There aren’t too many definitive studies on this or organizations keeping track.  A report issued by the World Wildlife Foundation estimated that the U.S. had consumed over 300.000 metric tons of salmon (canned, frozen, and fresh) in 2004.  The figures for the past few years would probably be lower since the NOAA has reported a decline in domestic seafood consumption overall.  This can probably be attributed to hard economic times, dwindling wild salmon numbers, and rising concern about production.  For example, fish farms in Chile, who were providing a great chunk of salmon to the U.S., have gotten a lot of bad press the last few years because they started overstocking their fisheries with salmon.  Disease broke out and the managers tried to combat the problem by putting several chemicals in the water.  

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