How many rhinos get killed by poachers every year?



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    Two of the countries with the worst rhino poaching issues, South Africa and Zimbabwe, reported a combined 445 between 2006 and 2009.  This is an average of over 110 rhinos per year illegally poached in two countries, this does not include the rest of Africa and Asia.  For an animal whose population in the wild numbers around 24,000, even a low estimate of 200 deaths per year by poaching will have a huge affect on the population.  Even with increased conservation efforts, it is reported that rhino poaching is increasing worldwide due to high demand for the horn.

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    As of late July 2010, it was estimated that 152 rhinos had been poached this year so far out of an estimated population of 10-11,000.  This population size is 15% of what existed in the 1970s, shortly before poaching became a major threat.  In one extreme case, the black rhino, populations are down from 65,000 in 1970 to less than 2,500 today.  Poaching is the largest contributor to rhino declines.

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    As many as 300 have been poached within the last 20 months.

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