How many regular-sized TVs could be powered by the energy it takes to run the huge scoreboard at the Dallas Cowboys new stadium?



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    According to the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision, the manufacturer of the display, the total power consumption is 1430 kilowatt. That’s two 635-kW sideline and two 80-kW end-zone displays.

    Let’s compare it to average values from CNET’s testing of 2008 and 2009 TV models. That came out to 176 watts for LCDs and 338 watts for plasmas, and includes big HDTV’s. A chart by the Department of Energy shows a typical TV consumption of roughly 200 watts, which is close to the LCD testing value.

    That means that the Dallas Cowboys Stadium HDTV’s electricity consumption is equivalent to 8,125 (yes, that’s over eight thousand) average new LCD TV’s, or 4,231 plasma TV’s. Or over 7,000 televisions based on DOE numbers.

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