How many race horses are there in America?



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    Horse racing is a large industry in the US and billions of dollars are bet on the sport every year. According to the Jockey Club fact book, in 2007 there were 71,959 horses that started a race in the US. The horses in those races raced an average of 6.3 times each, so there were approximately 11,422 race horses in 2007. Since there are hundreds of horses that die every year as a result of the racing, there are always new horses coming in and others leaving the sport, so that number is small compared to the total number of horses that will race or have raced that are alive in the US. Horse racing is a very dangerous sport for teh horses, and a study recently showed that over 5,000 horses have died in racing since 2003, equating to more than a horse a day.

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