How many pumpkins rot after Halloween? And what happens to the pumkins that do not get purchased?what is the estimated size of land in acres, to grow pumpkins in the united states??



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    1.5 million pounds of pumpkin are grown each year in the U.S. These aren’t necessarily just for Halloween but for production in canned goods, pies, etc. Pumpkins are also grown in many different states across the U.S. so pinpointing exactly how much land is used is difficult. 

    After Halloween many stores put pumpkins on sale for a very cheap price. After that though, like any other old product that won’t sell, they are disposed of.

    There is no database for logging pumpkins that rot after Halloween. So predicting the number would be difficult.

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    It is true that there are many other uses for pumpkins besides Halloween festivities. I would think that the ones not sold for Halloween would be used for Thanksgiving purposes, such as pumpkin pie, or even just decoration. My family leaves our pumpkins up from Halloween until Thanksgiving. 

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