How many pro stadiums are used for hockey and basketball?



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    There are currently 30 professional teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and 30 in the National Hockey League (NHL). Almost all NBA teams have their own arena to play in with the exception of the LA Lakers and LA Clippers, who both play at the Staples Center. That leaves 29 professional NBA stadiums. Most hockey teams also get their own arena to play in, but some share the same areas as basketball teams. Here is a list of hockey and basketball teams that intertwine:

    LA Kings, Lakers, and Clippers: Staples Center
    Dallas Stars and Mavericks: American Airlines Center
    Atlanta Trashers and Hawks: Philips Arena
    NY Rangers and Knicks: Madison Square Garden
    Philadelphia Flyers and 76ers: Wachovia Center
    Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls: United Center

    This leaves 53 professional stadiums for hockey and basketball

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    Also, The Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors both play at the Air Canada Centre

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