How many nuclear power plants are going to be built in Italy?



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    Italy has recently decided to revive nuclear power in the country, and American companies will be helping with the effort. Italy will work towards having 25% of its electricity from nuclear power by 2030, which will require 8 to 10 large new reactors by then.

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    Italy is currently in the process of building 3 nuclear power plants which are supposed to deliver 25% of the country’s energy (eventually — the first reactor will be operational in 2020).

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    The Italian government recently made the controversial decision to resume electricity production from domestic nuclear power plants, after a long moratorium against nuclear power. They plan to supply 25% of their power from nuclear reactors by 2030, which will require building 8 to 10 large reactors. They currently have no reactors in operation, importing all their nuclear power from abroad.

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