How many pounds of copper is used to make one metal spoon



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    None, directly. Copper bends too easily to withstand the forces placed on a spoon. Some copper is bound to be used in the machinery to make spoons, but there’s no easy way to figure that out.

    The relationships of metals to humans are tricky, because in some forms they are poison, and in other forms and in other amounts, absolutely vital to the human body. Copper is a good example.

    You’re not supposed to eat from copper, or even touch it. Notice that the surfaces that are exposed to food on expensive copper cookware are stainless steel. Then you might be thinking copper is safe to touch, because, after all, US pennies are made from it. True, but then consider the example in the Wikipedia article cited below, where brass doorknobs (which include copper) have been found to self-disinfect. Are the doorknobs safe to touch? Well, probably safer than hospital bacteria.

    On the other hand, having a very small amount of copper in ionic form inside your body is essential.

    Some metals such as steel, iron, gold and aluminum are safe to touch, and even to eat from. Even then there are exceptions, for example tomatoes should not be cooked in aluminum, copper, brass, or iron. Standard “soda glass” and Pyrex are nice, because they’re safe to touch, and safe with any food.

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