How many potatoes does In-N-Out use in a year?



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    Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the number of potatoes In-N-Out uses. However, In-N-Out actually slices its potatoes before frying them, a rarity in an industry dominated by chains using frozen potatoes. French fries in general are the most popular form of fast food, with Americans eating 7.5 billion pounds of frozen fries in 2004.  

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    Its difficult to find statistics on this but I did some math to come up with an estimate. There are currently 252 In-n-out locations, each open an average of 360 days a year, for 12 hours a day. If we can imagine that they serve 20 customers an hour, and that 90% of those customers order fries (I mean, this is In-n-out), and that each order of fries requires 1 potato, we get 19,595,520 potatoes per year. But at least they are not frozen and shipped across the country like most fast food fries! In-n-out rules.

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