How many poachers are arrested every year in Africa?



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    This question is difficult to answer because statistics on poaching are not systematically compiled anywhere, let alone in Africa where governments are corrupt and not in communication with each other. So I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you a number or even an estimate of how many poachers are arrested in the entire continent. However, individual measurements are taken of specific countries, ranges, and parks so further research can be performed on a more specific query.

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    The numbers are hard to get a hold of.

    Bbc news reports that from january to May, 99 people have been arrested for rhino-related issues in SOUTH AFRICA. I am not sure what rhino-related issues there could be beside poaching, but thats what it states. 3 people have been arrested very recently and $7 million dollars were confiscated (rhino-poacher assests)

    According to , 165 arrests in 2010 and 232 arrested in 2011 , and as of march 22, 89 arrests.

    This is all in South Africa and only rhino poaching. Hope this gives you some idea.

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