How many planets or stars make up a galaxy?



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    Good question. It varies. The galaxy is made up of million of stars and planets. Some of the planets we still haven’t found yet. This will take new advanced technologies to find them; until then we know that the universe is a big mystery, there can be million of space matter out there that we still haven’t found yet. It will take time until we find the correct answer. 

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    The way to estimate the number of stars in a galaxy is by measuring the luminosity, which is the total amount of light in the galaxy. The second thing you need to loosely measure the number of stars is to know an estimate of a galaxy’s mass. Mass is mostly made up of dark matter, which is undetectable by telescope so this makes the already fragile estimate even more difficult to gauge accurately. Like jchang14 said, the complexity of the universe cannot be underestimated! 

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