how many planets have living beings in this universe ?

how many planets have living beings in this universe ?



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    As far as we know, just ours, Earth. Scientists and astronomers believe that there is inevitably more planets with life, let alone intelligent life, out there by mere mathematical probability. Millions of people believe in alien races out among the stars, but we have yet to really establish contact with or proof of such beings. Hopefully such a thing will be realized in our generation, and not be simply the subject of speculation and science fiction.

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    Earth is the only planet that we KNOW has life on it, but due to the size of our universe and the billions of solar systems that exist outside our own, I think it highly likely for there to be a solar system that is similar enough to ours to be able to sustain life on at least one planet within the system.  The technology available to us doesn’t allow for the in-depth exploration of outside solar systems, so there’s no way for us to be sure for another several years.  

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