How many plains buffalo are left?



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    According to the best estimates, there are around 15,000 truly wild Bison or Buffalo left. These roam the vast plains of North America. Additionally, there are another 15,000 that are wild, but are fenced in either in preserves or on private lands. In total, there are 500,000 Buffalo left in America, but the majority of these, are raised on private lands for their meat and hides.

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    “American Buffalo” or “Plains Buffalo” are both misnomer names for the American Bison. Currently,  500,000 exist in the US, but most of these bison are on ranches and farms. Only 20,000 live in the wild in North America. American Bison,are considered low risk on the endangered list, though there are conservation measures being taken for the species.

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      Why do you say “”American Buffalo” or “Plains Buffalo” are both misnomer names for the American Bison.”? Why would “American Bison” be a more accurate name?

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      American Bison are distantly related to the only two types of buffalo in the world: the water buffalo and the African buffalo. Plains bison are distinguished by its smaller size and rounder hump. Wood Bison are distinguished by their larger size and taller square hump. Wood Bison are surpassed in size only by the Asian Gaur and Wild Asiatic Water Buffalo, both of which are found in India and Southeast Asia.

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      Wow, I had no idea. Thanks!

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