How many people a year die from hippos?



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    The Hippopotamus is a surprisingly dangerous animal, responsible for anywhere from 200 to 300 humans deaths annually. These deaths occur both in and outside the water; despite their ungainly appearance, a hippo has been clocked running at a speed of 18 mph for a short distance, which is faster than the top speed for most humans. Hippos are very easily provoked and have been known to overturn boats or even charge on land if aggravated.

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    Hippopotamus are very deadly indeed. Their name originates from the Greek meaning “river horse.” Hippos are extremely vicious and need no provoking. Many humans have died from coming between hippos and their calves or their water. Hippos are extremely territorial and have the ability to protect that territory with their huge canine teeth and sharp incisors. Overturned boats along with other humans in the jungle have allowed the hippo to obtain a body count in the triple digits.

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