how many people in the world waste water



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    I would say everyone in the world has wasted water in one way or another.  Sometimes, accidents happen, but if we minimize them, every little bit helps.

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    Agriculture uses 70% of the world’s water resources. When you remember that we all rely on the work that farmers do, we are collectively implicated in the excessive usage of freshwater.

    While irrigation is certainly a necessity, we definitely need to refine our practices. Because most farmers (everywhere, not just in the Third World) are struggling to survive as it is, it seems difficult to force change upon them. However, changes must begin with government policy. Infrastructural changes are crucial to speeding up the transformation of irrigation practices into a more sustainable form. Water conservation can be done. But we all need to be involved in the implementation of better management practices. In the developed world especially, we have no excuse for neglecting to try and affect our governments.

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