How many people worked on the Hoover Dam?



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    Interesting question. I have not been able to find a precise number, and unfortunately when hisotry is written by the “winners” such information is often lost. But simply for the construction of the dam, the answer is in the thousands. At the height of the construction project in 1934, 5, 128 men were working 7 days a week. Earlier in the project’s timeline fewer people were working and the number steadily increased; in May of 1931 800 men were working on the dam site, by June of that same  year 2,000 men were working.

    This website ( has an interesting detail of the history of the workers; I am glad you asked this question as it is worthwhile to pause and reflect on the lives of those who actually built this country, but are rarely if ever recognized for it.

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    Hoover Dam’s construction began in 1931 and there were thousands f men and women that worked on its construction. The majority of the workers for Hoover Dam lived in the  community of tents and temporary shelters near the Colorado River called Ragtown. The population swelled from 1400 to 5000 people durring the construction of the dam. These family were almost exclusively workers on the dam and spouses or both workers on the dam, with just a few entrepaures providing goods to Ragtown itself.

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