How many people were killed in 2010 from natural disasters?



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    2010 was one of the deadliest years on record for deaths by natural disaster. Munich Re did a report estimating that 295,000 people were killed in natural disasters. Compare this to 2009 when only 11,000 were reported killed and it’s understandable why 2010 is thought to been such a dangerous year. In 1983, 300,000 people were killed due to an earthquake in Japan and since then no other year has come close to the death toll in 2010. This high number was largely due to the earthquake in Haiti, which killed 222,570 people. The rest of the death toll was caused by heat waves and forest fires in Russia, an earthquake in China, and a series of floods in Pakistan.

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    In 2010, there have been 32 natural disasters. This includes 6 earthqquakes, 5 volcanic eruptions, 6 floods, 4 landslides, 3 tornodoes, 2 avalanches and 5 hurricanes/typhoons/cyclones.

    The biggest and worst disaster was the earthquake in port-au-prince, haiti, which was responsible for 200,000 deaths, although sources claim anywhere from 46,000 to 300,000.

    Avalanche in Afghanistan (#4 worst ever) cost 172 people. # 6 worst avalanche in pakistan claimed 102.

    Heat wave in Russia (#1 worst ever) claimed 56,000. The japanese heat wave claimed 503.

    Robert Muggah and Athena Kolbe were feautred in the Los Angeles Times with an article talking about the accuracy of death toll numbers. They say “The science of measuring mortality and morbidity is controversial. There are bitter disputes among groups of researchers who study death tolls in the world’s hot spots.” I say this just to point out that numbers are not necessarily exact. What is important is that we are seeing the effects of climal change. I do not think you can deny what is happening or claim that it is natural.

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