How many people vomit in one day?

Because I was just wondering… I’m kind-of random like that



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    According to ChaCha, quoting Tecumseh & Cleveland studies, it’s 1.05 times per person, per year. Divide 1.05 by 365 (to get days). Multiply by 7,000,000,000 (the population on the planet).

    You can work out guesses for interesting, oddball questions such as this for yourself. And maybe get a better answer. Use yourself as a starting place, figure out a reasonable number, then decide whether you are typical.

    Supposing we wanted to know if people were more likely to throw up on a plane or on a train. You’d be a good candidate if you rode frequently on both. If not, you’d need to get other opinions.

    But here’s where you might have an advantage over the Tecumsah study … this is the kind of question people would lie about. If you can figure out a way to get a better sample, you can get a better answer than they did. (Frankly, I think their estimate is waaaay low. I bet they aren’t including people in third world countries, chronically sick people, and Navy personnel in their sample.)

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