How many people visit national parks during National Park Week?



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    That is a great question. I’m not exactly sure how many visit during National Park week. I do believe approximately 275 million people visit our National Parks every year. But with respect to National Park week, you might want to check out the National Park Service’s webpage about this event. Or you might also want to try contacting the park service through their Office of Communications.

    National Park week is actually taking place right now– from April 17 to April 25. During this week, admission to all parks is completely free! I believe the park week was designed to coincide with Earth Day (April 22) and National Junior Ranger Day (April 24).

    I think this is such a great idea– if you get a chance, you should really try to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

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    There are 392 National Park Units overseen by the National Park Service (NPS), including National Recreation Areas, National Historic Sites, National Monuments, and more.  Among those, 58 units are designated National Parks, such as Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Canyon National Park. 

    In 2009, NPS counted 285,579,941 total visitors to National Park Units, which was just about ten million more than in 2008.  The 58 designated National Parks had 62,950,968 visitors. 

    23 million of the total visits happened in April, around 20 million of which were during National Park week.  For more information on National Park visitations, visit the NPS reports page.

    As jimbo said, it is National Park Week!  Admission is waived at all 392 National Park Units for the entire week, during which time the parks will host numerous events and volunteer opportunities, especially on Earth Day, which is Thursday the 22nd.  In addition, many park concessioners will be offering special promotions only this week, such as discounts on merchandise, lodging, and more. 

    Visit the NPS search page to find a park in your area.

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