how many people recycle and how many people dont recycle



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    It’s a question with a lot of interesting answers, when you think about it.

    What do you mean by “recycling”? People who sort all their garbage into neat plastic bins that their city picks up for them?

    Or, as in my city, people who agree to pay an extra tax on their power so that it will be greener? (That number is about 50%, so the city says.)

    Or do you mean, let’s be straight about this … people who recycle … say, their bodies? The proportion who choose burial over cremation? The percent that choose organ donation after they are dead?

    One of the great problems facing the environmental movement is that it has been partly taken over by marketing departments, who use the urge people have to be “politically correct” to … in fact, encourage them to buy things.

    A classic example is a question that was just asked recently: What’s the most economic way to travel? The most economic way is not to travel at all, but to stay at home. But that’s not an answer marketing departments want you to hear.

    They want you to believe that one shampoo is better than another, that one store is better than another. But they give absolutely no concrete evidence that those places, those products, are actually GOOD for the environment.

    As Frank Zappa said, when a power company in Oregon asked him to do a commercial … he said, “I’ll just tell them not to use your product.” They said, “PERFECT! That’s exactly what we want!”

    (The advertisement was a big hit.)

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