How many people in Montana have hit a deer with their car?



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    Montana is the fifth likeliest state for you to hit a deer—the chance is one in 39.  In 2007, there were 2,000 vehicle collisions with animals that were reported, probably mostly with deer.  I couldn’t find any totals, though.

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    The article I saw said it was a one in 39 chance in West Virgina (that state being the number 1 state of car-deer collisions). So it would be less than that in Montana. “According to a State Farm Insurance study, drivers face a one in 39 chance of hitting a deer in West Virginia as there are roughly one deer for every two people in the state.” “Right behind West Virginia is Michigan. Iowa and Montana rank fourth and fifth, respectively.” (1st link)

    “Using its claims data along with state motor vehicle registration figures from the Federal Highway Administration, State Farm estimates drivers in Montana have a one in 104 chance of hitting a deer in the next 12 months.” (2nd link)

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