How many people live in rural areas in the United States?



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    As of 2003 20% of the US population lived in rural areas. The mid-2011 population of in the United States was calculated at 312 million people. So we can calculate the number of people living in rural areas as such: 20% of 312,000,000= 62.4 million people.

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    That depends on what you consider to be a rural area. According to the United States Census method of collecting data, 19,484,223 people lived outside of a Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) in 2010. Non-CBA regions have a very low population density, making them pretty much rural. Another 30,943,552 people lived in micropolitan areas, defined as an area having a population between 10,000 and 50,000 people. Micropolitan areas consist of small towns, so you may or may not want to consider them rural. f you would like to see more population data and decide for yourself what counts as rural or not, I recommend poking around the US census website.

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