How many people have we sent to the moon so far?



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    There were 18 astronauts sent to the moon, 12 of which landed on the moon’s surface. This was done during the Apollo program in 1969-1972, during missions 11, 12, 14-17. Two people out of the three-person crew landed in each mission, with the third astronaut remaining in the orbit.

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    12 people, all American men, have walked on the moon. They are, together with the missions and the years in which they did so:

    Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11, 1969)

    Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11, 1969)

    Charles Conrad (Apollo 12, 1969)

    Alan Bean (Apollo 12, 1969)

    Alan Shepard (Apollo 14, 1971)

    Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14, 1971)

    David Scott (Apollo 15, 1971)

    James Irwin (Apollo 15, 1971)

    John Young (Apollo 16, 1972)

    Charles Duke (Apollo 16, 1972)

    Eugene Cernan (Apollo 17, 1972)

    Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17, 1972)

    In addition to those who have actually landed on the moon, 15 others have been in lunar orbit without touching down on the surface.

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