How many people have used the loans from AB 811 in California?



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    A September 2010 article stated that all AB 811 / PACE programs have been placed on hold as members of congress attempt to resolve some issues.  A 2010 summer article claimed AB 811 / PACE received mixed feelings.  Because of this, only a few thousands California residents used the programs.

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    With the passage of Assembly Bill 811 in California in 2008, all of the cities and counties of the state are equipped to offer low-interest loans for energy-efficiency projects, such as the installation of solar panels in private households. The loan is to be paid off over a period of 20-30 years, or earlier if the borrower wishes and is able to pay at such time. Despite the appeal of the program, as of July 2010, only a few thousand individuals had utilized the funding made available by the bill. The good news is that the Energy Department plans on allocating some of the $150 million in stimulus funds toward promoting the program. 

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