How many people have swam the English channel?



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    511 people have completed swimming across the English channel as of 1997. Of course those numbers have risen by now, but that’s the most recent statistic I could find. There have been 23 two-way crossings and 3 three-way crossings. They say about 20-30 people successfully make it a year.

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    As of 2005, 811 people have crossed the English channel.  Captain Mathew Webb did it first between 8/24/1875 and 8/25/1875.  It took him about 21 hours.  In 2007, Peter Stoychev swam the English Channel the faster with a time of 6 hours 57 minutes 50 seconds.

    If you would like to learn more about the English Channel, please follow the citations link below. 

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    Since it was first swam successfully in 1875, the English Channel has been crossed successfully by a reported 987 swimmers. A few thousand more brave souls have unsuccessfully attempted the swim, of which only 6 have died.

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