How many people have had to relocate because of rising ocean levels?



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    Rising ocean levels affect thousands of people. Experts estimate that by the end of the century, two hundred million people will have been displaced by the effects of climate change. Rising ocean levels threaten to relocate mostly inhabitants of South Pacific island nations, particularly in developing nations that have limited resources to help their citizens. One such nation is Kiribati. Unable to make land provisions, many inhabitants of these nations often end up in refugee camps.

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    I do not know any exact numbers, but in the Pacific there is a 33-island archipelago that has been affected already.  Kiribati has 1,143 kilometers of coastline and 21 of it’s islands are inhabited.  Some of the people there have been steadily moving thier homes back from the shorline as the sea levels have been rising.  Some of the villages have already had to relocate.  One island, Bayang, has moved back from the lagoon side so far that if they continued they would reach the ocean side, so they will all have to leave.

    In the Artctic regions – Canda and Alaska have both had Eskimo’s and indigenous peoples that have also had to relocate because of rising sea levels. 

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    I know some people who have lived in the Arctic for thousands of years are losing their homes as the permafrost thaws. Many people built their homes on this hard soil, but as it melts the foundations of their homes are sinking and collapsing.

    This picture is from the first article about melting permafrost.

    The second link is an interesting article about how rising temperature are affecting Alaskan Arctic Natives.

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