How many people have been killed by DDT exposure?



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    While there are people who have died from cancers that have been linked to the pesticide, DDT exposure is not really a cause of death for humans. The most dramatic effect of DDT is on birds. Birds that have ingested DDT produce eggs with extremely thin shells preventing the birth of young. Rachel Carson was the first to make this concern public in her book Silent Spring which is considered the initial spark of the environmental movement.

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    DDT isn’t directly deadly to us so much as it comes back around through the environment and makes us miserable. It kills off many bird populations when used, which causes a cascade effect where then species that depend on those birds suddenly start dying off (or exploding, if the birds preyed on them), which in turn throws the ecosystem even more out of balance. The net result is pretty bad for us humans even if DDT isn’t directly toxic.

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