how many people got sick because of the three gorges dam?



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    During the construction of the dam, about 1.2 million people were asked to relocate away from the immediate areas surrounding by the dam. Of those that remained, waterborne diseases and landslides became an increasing problem, among other ecological distresses. No exact figures have been given, but based on the amount of people living along side the Yangtze River, it probably ranged from several thousand to several million affected. Evidently the problems on the surrounding population became so bad that government had to stop the multi-billion dollar project.

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    Three Gorges Dam is a huge project, and it affects millions of people in both positive and negative ways. (See the pros and cons in article summary, below.)

    You asked how many people got sick, but a more balance view would be: How many people got sick as opposed to how many people were made healthy? The dam wasn’t built for no reason. It has huge economic advantages. And when the economy is strong, there’s plenty of money for things … such as hospitals.

    The supporters of the dam say it was worth it overall. The detractors vary from “it never should have been built” to “they should have done it differently”.

    A somewhat plausible argument from the US Department of Defense (and quoted in the Wiki article on the dam) points out that, in the event of a war between Taiwan and China, the Three Gorges Dam is enormously vulnerable, and it would be a catastrophe if it was breached.

    I.e., that dam may be a major impediment — may stop — a war that might cost 100,000,000s of lives.

    So the answer to the question is, as with so many ecological issues, it’s critical to look at the widest issues.

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