How many people go to dude ranches each year?on here…



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    A Dude Ranch (Working Ranch, Guest Ranch) is one that takes visitors, sometimes ones who want to work during their stay. That covers a lot of ground, since basically anybody who stays at a ranch, or perhaps even a farm could be considered a visitor. The (poor) Wikipedia article claims it’s agritourism, but gives no support for the statement (or anything else in the article).

    As can be seen from the URL below, a popular Internet site for Dude Ranches, just about any activity can be included, from horseback riding instructions, to dancing, to bird watching, to skiing, to swimming, to tennis.

    Essentially, commercial Dude Ranches are a form of hotel/motel. Informal ones probably abound. So given the loose definition, I can’t tell whether I’ve never been to one, lived on one several times, or something in between.

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      Ok, I was just considering Wiki’s linked article on agritourism, and apparently it just means bringing people to a farm or ranch — that doesn’t add much to the answer. The whole definition is still vague.

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