How many people get sick from pesticides on their vegetables every year?



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    I found one article that says the World Health Organization estimated that over 200,000 people die every year worldwide from exposure to pesticides.  This does not include all the illnesses in children that are related to early exposure to pesticides, including brain cancer, leukemia, and birth defects.  There has been a 70% increase of Parkinson’s rates to people exposed even to low levels of pesticides.

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    The numbers wouldn’t be known, because pesticides affect all aspects of human health. According to the EPA, 12 of the 26 chemicals used in pesticides in the US could be carcinogens. 9 of the 26 chemicals are associated with sperm abnormalties. Newborns, fetuses, and young children are most susceptible to pesticide toxins. The chemicals in pesticides could be responsible for neurological disorders in infants. So, to me it seems that eating an unwashed vegetable won’t cause problems right away, but down the road it could cause problems for you or your children.

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