How many people feed their dog wet dog food?



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    I was astonished that I couldn’t find a good answer to this question. After trolling through pages and pages of data on dog food sales and market share, what I was able to determine was that dry dog food is generally preferred in the US over canned or “wet” dog food. The reason for that may have a lot to do with the recent (2007-08) recall scandals involving dog food, all of which was of the canned variety, and the subsequent focus on the often poor quality of canned dog food. Dry foods offer a number of advantages including health for your dog’s teeth. However, it’s generally not regarded as being as “fresh” as canned foods–which seems kind of a strange oxymoron to me, but then again I do not own a dog. If any other Greenanswers contributors want to take a stab at this question, I welcome the help.

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