How many people eat fast food in a day in America?



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    I couldn’t find any statistics or data on that, but the US fast food industry is expected to grow past the $170 billion mark in 2010. Calculating with an average of $1 dollar / burger this would mean that around 4.65 million burgers are sold each day. I would also assume that most of the people eat one burger per day so around 4.65 million eat at fast foods.  

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    According to, the average American consumes about “three hamburgers and four orders of french fries every week.”  Roughly, that is 90g of fat and 2,520 calories, and this is only a portion of total fast food consumption.  The article did not site any sources though so its validity is slightly questionable.  I did find this same statement on a few other websites though so it much have some sort of legitimacy.  In addition to this, one in four Americans consumes a meal from a fast food restaurant each day, and about 40% of family meals are consumed outside of the home.  

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