How many people on Earth live near the coasts?



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    The number of major cities are found along coast lines and millions live along the coasts. Predictions on the effects of global warming suggest that as many as 150 million people along the coasts could be forced to relocate due to rising sea levels. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believe that just a few degree in the Earth’s temperature could displace millions and cost trillions of dollars in damages.

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      I’m honestly surprised that it’s only predicted that 150 million would be affected. So many cities were founded along the coasts world-wide, because they offered abundant sources of food, both from the land and water and often the ocean serves to soften the effects of the local climate to make the lands more habitable. I don’t know, but I would think that close to 1 billion people live along the coasts of the world and will be imperiled as climate change continues to lead to the rise of sea levels

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      chris10, I agree. I would guess there are a lot more than 150 million people living near the coasts. The actual quote from the wikipedia link cited above is:

      “Professor Norman Myers of Oxford University has estimated climate change will increase the number of environmental refugees six-fold over the next fifty years to 150 million.”

      I think two things: (1) that this number takes into account climate change effects for only the next 50 years and (2) that it also includes people from non-coastal areas.

      So basically, I think the 150 million number is not necessarily accurate for this question. I would still love to figure out what the real number is!

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      Keep in mind that most of these estimates are figuring conservatively and many of them do not predict further than 2025 or 2050 since it Global Warming and Sea levels grow exponentially, making it much harder to measure and predict.

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