How many people drink less water in a day than they should?



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    according this article here:, 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. Its hard to tell the level of dehydration this article was referring to, how many people were surveyed or who they are referring too. I have heard that its easy for people to be dehydrated without knowing it because only when our bodies are really dehydrated do we feel the symptoms like dry mouth, hunger, etc… so this 75% may be somewhat accurate for your question. 

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    Another article I found quotes that 75% of individuals are dehydrated, but that some individuals in the medical community find that number to be excessive. It turns out that how much water you need to drink per day depends on your age, health, and location, among other factors. One big problem is that due to dehydration, many Americans overeat, mistaking thirst for hunger. In addition, 65% of hospitalizations in the elderly are due to dehydration. 

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