How many people do you think the earth can support?



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    Great question. I wrote about this in a section of a book I’ve been working on called, “Inventions, Exhortations, and Reflections” — the idea is for an invention (really just a law code that has to be followed by the global community) that puts a limit on the world’s population — The World Population Cap (and each country would be responsible for imposing it’s own limit which would be mathematically determined by the country’s livable area in comparison to the world’s population — a proportion would be set up and solved for each country once we had all voted and decided upon the max number…)  I said a good figure for a number that we could not sustain would be 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion people), but it’s actually probably way less than that when we’d start to see some unsolvable problems (food/ resource allocation — clean water/ air for people — let alone all the other species)… I said a good number to set it at would be 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) and that we’d have to let scientists determine a good range for us to be allowed to vote upon — maybe the number we cap it at should be even less (8 bil) and maybe it should be even more (12 bil?  15 bil? — I don’t know — I can’t really see there being almost 3 times as many people as there are now and us all not being totally screwed! can you?)  I’m sticking to my original gut feeling which was 10 billion people! But, I’m a supporter of (True) Democracy, so of course, we’d still all get to vote on it!

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