How many people do you think the earth can support before it collapses?



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    The median estimate for population is 7.7 billion people before we serviously have to consider our resource situation. However, this must be taken with a grain of salt, as it does not take into advantages like genetically engineered crops, or the fact that there would be different standards of “support” between populations. It could even be as high as a trillion, assuming every city is like Tokyo, with humans stacked on top of one another.

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    We are about to be on the brink of that point.  When the population exceeds the capability for resources to sustain it, then the world can no longer meet the needs of the numbers.

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    I think the world will support us way before we reach exceed our pollution limit. There is way too much hatred in this world for us not to kill ourselves with a atomic or hydrogen bomb. Nevertheless, the world will not collapse, just humans. The world will go on surviving and replenish and fix itself once humans are gone.&nbsp

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