How many people died because of the Fukishima disaster?



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    If by Fukushima disaster, you mean the nuclear issues there, separate from the earthquake and tsunami, then the answer is zero.

    Note that you can find plenty of things on the internet saying 50, or 4000, or whatever, are about to die from the radiation, or that there are “mysterious deaths” that just must be linked to Fukushima; but none have died to date.

    At least two plant workers there were killed in the quake and/or tsunami, and many, many more in the region.

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    Indeed – as of May 5, 2011, there have been zero reported deaths due to the radiation leaks caused by the earthquake/tsunami that struck the Fukushima Power Plant.  As far as the natural disaster itself goes, there have been 14,575 reported deaths and 11,324 missing by the National Police Agency.  Two of these casualties were Power Plant workers but their cause of death was from the tsunami, rather than radiation.

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