How many people die from tuberculosis every year worldwide?



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    The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report this year on tuberculosis control worldwide between 1996-2007.  The report states that, in 2007, there were 9.27 million cases of TB, 1.3 million deaths of HIV-negative individuals from TB and 456,000 deaths of HIV-positive individuals which were marked as deaths from HIV/AIDS.  In 2006, there were 9.24 million cases; more people are getting it every year as population growth continues but, the report says, the incidence of TB is decreasing per capita.  The absolute number of cases is rising but the mortality is falling, although 1.3 million is still an exceedingly high number of deaths.

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    Tuberculosis kills 1.7 million people each year globally. Approximately 9.4 million new cases are reported annually. 

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