how many people die from rattle snake bites untreated



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    Evidently, the mortality rate for snake bites in the USA are incredibly low. Only about 5-6 deaths occur a year from venomous snake bites. You apparently are much more likely to die from being struck by lightning than a snake bite, which is reassuring. Although, this does not dismiss the fact that one can die from the venom. When dealing with a poisonous snake, be sure to keep back several feet, and try to avoid the snake at all costs. In the worst case scenario, and the snake attempts to bite, grabbing a snake by its neck can keep it from biting you, though this should only be used if its already upon you. If bitten, seek medical help immediately. 

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    The mortality rate in the US is low because we have access to medical help and anti-venom. People in other parts of the world are not so lucky.  An UNTREATED rattlesnake bite would most likely be fatal in almost every case.

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