How many people die in floods each year?



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    The number fluctuates each year, depending on how many and how severe the floods are. There are well reported statistics for the casualties associated with floods in the U.S. since 1906, but keep in mind there are often deaths that go unreported. In 2008, there were 80 reported casualties in the US, which is on par with the overall average number reported yearly over the past 100 years. In 1972, 554 people died in floods, the highest number recorded since 1906. In the early 1900s there were several years with no reported casualties–which could be a result of less effective record keeping/communication, fewer floods or fewer people living near flood prone areas.

    Also, in less developed countries casuaulties are likely higher for a similar sized flood due to slower or non-existent emergency response.

    Check out the website below for yearly totals for the past 100 years.

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         Floods account for 15 percent of worldwide deaths due to natural disasters. Between 1975 and 2000 170,000 people were killed by floods.

         According to ReliefWeb, the countries at highest risk for flood deaths are:

    1. India

    2. Bangladesh

    3. China

    4. Vietnam

    5. Cambodia

    6. Myanmar

    7. Sudan

    8. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

    9. Afghanistan

    10. Pakistan

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    The number changes every year.  It’s difficult to say how many there are “per year”.

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